Really it is safe!

DSC06704DSC06709Today Justice went on his first 4 wheeler ride.  One would think by what we are wearing that we went around the month of May. however that is not the case.  It is the stinking end of June and the temps linger around 40 everyday.  We could not take it any longer, we needed to get out and about.  Justice slept on mommy the whole way. even when Daddy had to put it in 4 wheel drive to get us through some mud.  Great trip where we visited an abandoned cabin and went to another one we thought was abondoned, but we thought wrong.  Opps!


2 thoughts on “Really it is safe!

  1. How sweet – looks like your little family is enjoying every minute they can together! That’s fantastic. Live it up! Love and hugs from Wisconsin – Amy

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