Gold Fever

DSC06779DSC06776DSC06785 Down the beach, through the river,  by 4 wheeler is the only way one can go.  Every Friday at Cripple River mining camp, located 12 miles west of Nome, anyone is invited to come for a free spagehetti feed and entertainment.  This camp was filled with jolly, bearded miners wanting to strike it rich by finding a big gold nugget.  That is the rugged side you see of them at first, however truth be told they were all missing their grandchildren so they kept trying to take Justice away from us.  Justice was never kissed so many times by strangers before tonight.  In the pictures you can see where they mine for gold and the old cabins they camp at.  Look out Grandpa this is where we want to send you!

To learn more about the camp along with neat pictures of the area visit this website:


One thought on “Gold Fever

  1. Hello there Long Lost Adcox’s 🙂 I love your pics and your family pictures are amazing! Your little one is so cute! i hope all is well and if you wanna see pics of my little man check me out on facebook or myspace (arin copenhaver)

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