Musk Oxen, frost, flat tires  or our little 220 4-wheelers that run out of gas won’t stop us from making the most of these last few great days before winter sets in.  Yeah, that’s right this herd of musk oxen were on the road on our beautiful enjoyable drive till we got a flat at 10:30 pm on a Thursday night.  While James was taking care of the flat I heard a whizzing sound on the other side of the car.  Great! Another flat and only one spare.  Thankfully we were able to fix one flat in the middle of nowhere and the other one.  Well let’s just put it this way, the mechanic repaired it and basically said it should get you home.    Berry picking season is about over as it has frosted over about 4 different nights already.  Stay tuned as Justice is pushing himself up to his knees and rocking himself back and forth.  A crawler maybe in our near future.  Exciting or scary; to be determined!


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