Da Da, I miss YOU!

That is right, we miss Daddy!  He left on Wed. to paint a mural in St. Micheal, Alaska and we already can’t wait for him to come home and hang out with us!  So I will be trying to update our blog to keep Dad and all of you in the loop as to what Justice is up to.  Right before Daddy left, Dad decided Justice could try feeding himself, I will honestly say that I was thinking No way he is too young. Well I was wrong Justice did a great job.  Of course we would hand him the spoon, but he had fun and got dirty at the same time.  We, of course, had our laughs watching him.  Then the last picture I know James will enjoy and that is a picture of Justice doing two of his favorite things.  That is taking off his socks and putting them in his mouth!  Yuck, but hey you can only fight so many battles.  Then if you look in the background all of Daddy’s movies are on the floor. Justice dumps Daddy’s movies everyday!  However, always a proud moment for parents, all of a sudden Justice is into taking things out and then putting them away!  Yeah! For example, he empties the toy box and then put them back for fun!  I can live with that.  Enjoy the pictures and Daddy we LOVE you!


4 thoughts on “Da Da, I miss YOU!

  1. I love you guys, and miss you terribly. I love the sock picture, but is that my entire Sci Fi and comedy section of movies scatter over the floor. Justice were going to talk about that when I get home.

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