Happy Birthday Justice!

Justice is officially 1 year old!  Grandma V. made his birthday cake with an Iditarod photo transfer with cupcakes to match!  They were beautiful and the cake was delicious!  Justice was not quite sure what to make of the cake since it was his first time eating a sweet and he acted like the texture of the cake was not his favorite!  I am sure all of this will change over time.  What a special milestone and we were so thankful to have some family here to celebrate this day with us!  We hope the rest of you enjoy our pictures and know that we miss you very much.


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Justice!

  1. Happy Birthday Justice!!
    Hello to all of you, sounds as if you had a great day. Just wanted to let you know we are thinking of you and we will be in touch soon.
    Love, Karen, Dave, Sarah, Krista, Benjamin and Brian

    PS….Very smart idea to let Justice have his cake without a shirt on!!

  2. Happy birthday to the little guy! I love that picture of him stuffing his face! And just to think… on his next birthday he’ll be a big brother. 🙂

  3. Grandpa will take care of the sweets for the handsome lad this summer! Watch out for the sugar highs mom!

    Happy birthday and God Bless

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