“Bacheloring It”

Justice and I had our first Father and son weekend.  Mommy went to Anchorage preparing for our next little bundle of joy, so Justicito and I held down the fort here in Nome.  Mommy’s lucky she left when she did, because the next morning Nome was hit with a good blizzard.  While “Bacheloring it” we rented some disney movies and vegged out on similac.  We had other toddlers over for a $30 buy in game of  Old Maid  but I’m sad to report that Justice and I lost $60.  Who invited that 8 month old anyway?


4 thoughts on ““Bacheloring It”

  1. By the looks of Justice’s hat. . .let’s just say I think his head has outgrown it 🙂 I’ll put my knitting needles back to work on a larger hat so that we don’t squeeze his developing brain. . .oh Justice, you’re such a cutie!

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