Iditarod Week

This post is about a month late, but anywho  I thought I’d share some of the excitement.  The week started with Amy and I running a Youth Group event called the 30 Hour Famine.  Together we all fasted for 30 Hours while learning and playing games relevant to what world vision, a poverty fighting agency, does.  Fun, Fellowship, and Fasting, what more could you want?

Then Amy’s mom and sister traveled up for the Iditarod and Justice’s first birthday.  Marilyn and Lisa engrossed themselves in the hustle and bustle of Nome’s festivities,  Marilyn selling chili and baked goods at the craft fair, and Lisa by participating in the open mic night, and listening to seminars by past mushers.  (I think that’s the first time Ive ever used hustle and bustle to describe Nome.)

Amy, Lisa, Nora and I also participated in the snow sculpture competition.  Amy and Nora won it two years ago, and this year was no different.  If you ever want to win a snow sculpture competition recruit Nora Nagaruk on your team.  She was an amazing planner, going so far as to sculpt and freeze a mini version of our idea out of playdough.  Thanks Nora.

Any way it was a great week!


One thought on “Iditarod Week

  1. Hi Amy, James & Justice. Love the photos from Marilyn’s visit and Justice’s 1st birthday. Hope you are doing well.

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