Justice’s new sled

Justice was excited to try out his very own sled.  Daddy pulled him around our yard and even had him go down a little hill by himself.  We thought this might be one of his last days to enjoy the winter, however at the rate mother nature keeps powdering us with snow, he might get to use his sled for another month.

Justice is now 26lbs and walking, or kinda walking.  He takes five or six steps then he plops to the ground and walks on his knees.  It’s quite a sight!  The boy also enjoys counting change while he drops coins in a glass jar, climbing and standing on his rocking chair (without parental approval), bringing mommy and daddy books to read to him, and playing in his living room tent.  Daddy hopes the interest in the tent is a precursor to Justice joining Cub Scouts.


One thought on “Justice’s new sled

  1. Here there are some changes going on over there…?
    Can’t wait to see you guys, hopefully in a few weeks! I’ll be coming back with Car and the kids for two weeks. Looking forward to it. Not looking forward to snow though. 🙂

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