He is crying, what should we do?

Interesting things happen, when you become parents!  Our family went for a drive enjoying the scenery, sun and the open road.  When all of a sudden little Justicito starts getting a little squirmy and something occurred to us… Why not say a line from one of his favorite books and to our surprise we had memorized the whole book, so then we decided to tell him another story and again we knew every page.  (one brown moose munching on a lily.  Two black ravens looking pretty silly.- Alaska Color and Numbers book by Shannon Cartright) We were having fun with the challenge and next thing we knew Justice wasn’t so squirmy, he enjoyed hearing his stories!   It is a great thing when you can add another trick to your bag!

Then believe it or not the temperature got up to 50 degrees!  The part you will have a hard time believing is that we took Justice for a walk in his sled on the frozen Bering Sea today as well.


3 thoughts on “He is crying, what should we do?

  1. I’m coming back in less than two weeks but… could you please have Springtime start before I get there?
    Not really in the mood for snow anymore.

    Amy, I think I will just show up on your porch and hang out spontaneously at least once. So be prepared. Mwahaha!

    Oh And we’ll have SOOOO much to talk about because (drumroll—) I finally watched Batman.

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