Dorothy Falls

You are 8 months pregnant and your husband has to work, but your friends ask you to go on a 3.5 mile hike that requires a river crossing to a beautiful water fall.  What would you do??  For those of you wanting to see me pregnant here are some quick pictures of our adventure, as I decided to go for it!  In the picture with my dear friend Dani, you can see the road in the background.   That picture was taken when we were about a little over half way there.  Nice hike we took it slow as we had lots of other kids with us and we were not in any real rush.  As you can see the river crossings was freezing from the look on Dani’s face and a little over knee deep right before we reached the other shore line.  Dani and I were a little smarter on the way back as we decided to lock arms and cross together.  Justice had it easy as he was carried by our friend in a backpack and he loved every minute of the trip!


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