Our Secret Camp

With the wind on our backs, a full tank of gas, and Bruce Springsteen playing on the radio, we braved the Nome- Council hwy heading east to our secret getaway.  After an hour and a half we arrived at our pull off, beginning the treacherous quarter mile hike to the cabin.  I opted to bring the stroller rather than the baby back-pack carrier because I figured our stroller could handle the well established 4 wheeler trail, and because the pack is less than comfortable.  I figured wrong!  the trail to the cabin was covered in 4ft. of wet snow.  After a quick diliberation with the Mrs.,  I attempted to push the stroller over the wet, bumpy tundra.  Bad Idea!   I thought to myself, “will this quarter mile beat me!”  NO, I said to myself as I pulled Justice from the stroller, and set him atop my shoulders.  We were wet, we were cold, but by joe we made it!  Amy and I ate lunch and played cards, while Justice and Chilli explored the terrain.  When it was time to go I tried something I have never done before, which is  called “umuking”.  It’s common in Nome to see Native Alaskans packing their children using parkas and maybe a belt or strap.  So I gave it a try, and let me say, it works great.  It’s comfortable for the child and super comfortable for the packer.  It was a great trip until…

30 miles outside of Nome Chili Dog decided to puke the largest amount of puke ever in the back seat of our car.


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