Happiness is real when…

First of all, before you ask yourself, “where are the pictures of Archer?”  let me just say for the record that they are forthcoming, and that this post should have been posted about three weeks ago.  You see I had saved this post as a draft and planned to publish it for Amy as she was waiting in Anchorage to have the baby.  But I ended up heading to Anchorage that night.  I’m glad I did!

Anywho, here are some pictures of some outings I had while I was flying solo in Nome for about a week, prior to Archer’s birth.   I realized during this week, that some time in the last four years I had become a “Family Man”.  I don’t mean this as a bad word, but quite the contrary.  In other words, during this week of no domestic responsibilities, I had a realization.  An awakening.  You see… I craved a little more noise, a little more chaos, a little more veggies, and a lot more hugs and kisses.  There’s just something about a family, rather there’s just something about “my” family.  They are every bit apart of me as my big toe.  Without them something feels off, unbalanced, empty.  Don’t get me wrong, I greatly enjoyed my week, hiking with friends, and catching fish from a canoe.  But still, I missed my family. 

And now I’m happy to say that my family is even bigger.  I truly can’t wait to take Amy Sue,  little Justice and Archer, and chili dog on a camping trip or a canoe float, or…   just fake camping in the living room.  It doesn’t matter as long as were part of each other’s life.  Because hapiness is real when SHARED!  

This is a picture from a ridge that Chili dog and I hiked to catch a view of Mt. Osbourne.

Chili made my heart stop as she scurried along the edge of a 1000ft cliff.

Mt. Osbourne and all her glory.

3870, revisited!

Jaimie and I at the peak, I finally made it!

Andrew and Caleb, this picture is for you. This was supposed to be our campsite.

Caribou crossing.

Caleb and I about to brave the ferocious Nome River.

A cow and twins.


2 thoughts on “Happiness is real when…

  1. JAMES! That’s the sweetest post ever!! You’re a good fellow.
    I can’t wait to see more pics of Archer. I honestly still can’t picture the Adcox family with another member; isn’t that funny of me? Hope you’re doing well Amy, with recovering and with the added responsibility of another little guy.
    And, I guess I’ve never thought of the Nome River as ferocious… but… then again what do I know? I’m just a displaced Ohioan. 😉
    Love you guys!

  2. wow! this warmed my heart & made me smile:) thanks for being such a great family man in one of the most adorable families that i’m honored to know.

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