The Brothers

Brothers….  What a wonderful blessing to have a brother.  I can honestly say that when I think back to my childhood memories, all of them have a brother somewhere in the story.  Like the time I yelled my first obsenity(because my brother pushed me into a rose bush), or the time a police officer lectured me for having a realistic plastic gun ( my brother knocked my gun out of my hand and ran when the officer called us over), I remember both my brothers dressing me up like a scarecrow to sit on a bale of hay holding still (I don’t remember why), I remember my brothers chasing after me because I made my sister cry on a road trip to Laredo (we made a pact at the start of the trip that the first one to make her cry would get pummelled by the other two).  Oh.. the bitter sweet memories.  I love every crazy minute spending time with my brothers (and sister for that matter).

I cannot even imagine what the new Adcox Brothers are going to get themselves into.   And maybe papa bear won’t be apart of them all, but I take comfort in knowing the brothers will have a lot of stories about each other when they are my age. 


4 thoughts on “The Brothers

  1. I think you are getting wiser in your old age James, “looking back” You want Brother Stories! I got some brother stories sr.!! My three brothers are; The meanest, funniest, sliest, cheesiest, honest, odd, old-hearted, smelliest, honoree, sneakiest, goofiest, weakest, sweetest, most caring , great dad’s, tender, loving-ist and they always took me everywhere even if they didn’t really want me around 🙂 ya’ll were the best brothers a girl could have! These two little ones will grow up just fine, you watch and see…

  2. James, I laughed so hard at these stories because I remember all of them so well. Being the oldest, I know I was the instigator for most of the hi-jinks we got into. Like in Omaha, when I used to shoot the arrows into the air and we would dodge them coming back down. And when it would freeze outside and we thought it was a good idea to ride a sled on ice and try to miss the parked car, You didn’t miss! And when you were going to beat up our neighbor and I didn’t let you so I sat on you, you got so mad ’cause you couldn’t breathe. And when you came to visit us in Ohio and we would go check out new things like something called a “Pump In”. And when you asked me to be a groomsman for your wedding.
    Brothers argue, brothers fight, brothers cry, but brothers also help, brothers encourage, brothers confide, and brothers love. Brothers are built in best friends and family all in one.
    It’s funny how being a dad makes you remember all the things that made you who you are. Watching your kids grow up and get into the same hi-jinks will make you chuckle cause you can think, “been there, done that”. My boy gets to find out all about a sister, but that another story…

  3. Your Batman, I’m Super-man. You like Blue, I like Green. You 5, me 4. Mt. Dew, Skoal. Rockwell and Pyle, Bama & Brenders. Not much has changed really.

    Remember our Boxing Ring in the old barn and the punching bag filled with sand (like punching concrete). Or what about some of our heated ping pong matches where I beat you so bad that you broke your paddle (maybe it was the other way around), or getting locked in the barn by Sarah. Remember playing Space War on the Atari. We played that game for hours and it was just 2 small triangles on a black screen. I remember paper airplanes on fire and G.I. Joes (the weather dominator). Trips to Book Ends and later Book Nook where every comic we purchased smelled like cigarettes. Endless camping stories. A package of crackers and a damn skunk on your lap. One pair of long johns at Denali.

    So true about brothers. The best of times, innocent or otherwise,…with the best of friends. Brotherhood, it would seem, is unconditional, bound by family and boyhood memories, and strengthened by love. The kind of love shared by those who know each other on a unique level as only brothers do, having hiked the entrance to the winding path together. Taking in the scenery of a shared life. Getting lost in the wilderness of the world. Waiting up when others went on. And, looking in on one another, as each of us branched at the fork. Admittedly, you guys are a huge part of who I am, thank you for that. Albeit, the part that makes me laugh and the part that make me fart (oh wait, thats Dad). So here’s to Brothers, glad we didn’t kill each other when we were younger so we can look on each other, now, with proud eyes and know where each of us came from, with an abundence of stories to share with the next generation.

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