The Misadventures of Ames and James

It’s hard to decide when to have an adventure because “adventures” just happen.  I probably could have lived without this one…  We drove 45miles north of Nome to go fishing for sockeye only to learn that the fishing in this particuliar river was closed.  Not that we cared because we had a bigger problem to tackle- a flat tire!  The problem wasn’t the flat tire (Justice can change a flat) the problem was that unbenouced to us our spare tire was also flat.  With the mosquitoes swarming us, I attempted to plug both our tire and our spare with a plug kit.  The spare held.   A few minutes using our air compressor and we were back in business.  I thought as we were driving home, that Amy and I were actually prepared to deal with that, of course this preparedness was the result of several flat tire ordeals over the past few years.  Still we were prepared, an in the middle of nowhere with an infant and a toddler, that was a good feeling.


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