Believe it or Not!

When I told my Grandma Vanderwyst that Justice was 9lbs .5 oz., her reply was, “I didn’t make babies, I made men.”  I started to think I was following my Grandma’s footstep with Archer also 9lbs. 1oz at birth.

However, we threw a baby shower for a friend and James and I were in charge of the game.  The game consisted of Factoids and Scribble Scrabbles.  All the facts were about babies and the answers to the questions, well speak for themselves.

The highest recorded number of children born to one mother is 69.  She was from Russia between 1725-1765 and in a total of 27 confinements, she gave birth to 16 pairs of twins, 7 sets of triplets, 4 sets of quadruplets.  Believe it or not 67 of them survived infancy.

In Seirra Leone a baby is named only after the umbilical cord has dropped off.  Prior to that it is believed that the baby does not yet have an identity of its own.

In China you wouldn’t dare name your child before they are born.  Instead, they are given an undesirable name to ward off evil spirits.  When the baby is a month old they are given a name at a ceremonial feast.

Most popular day of the week to have a baby is Tuesday.

Most popular month to have a baby is August.

The mother who holds the record for the oldest mother to give birth was 65 years old.

The heaviest baby born ever recorded was 23 lbs 12 oz.  The mother was an unusual 7 ft 5 in tall.

This picture is of a boy in Indonesia that was 19lbs at birth.  Do the math and the heaviest baby still weighed 4 more lbs!!!!  Archer currently weighs 17lbs. 4 oz and is 24 inches long @ 10 weeks old.  Check this out!

I would like to know what my Grandma would say if she saw this picture.  She has her wits about her!

Here is my “G-ma”, as we call her, holding Justice as a new born and the other picture is her 7 children.


3 thoughts on “Believe it or Not!

  1. I love hearing all of the random facts. The one of the lady with 69 kids really blows me away. But all in all I am impressed by your strength with your two 9 lb babies and pray that Abigail is born closer to 7.

  2. Wow, 69 children! I can’t believe the human body could survive so many births, let alone so many multiple births, without the help of modern medicine. Crazy!

    Archer is growing fast! I think he’s probably tied with Brevin on weight and he’s almost 6 1/2 months (9lbs 8ozs at birth)!

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