Grandma & Grandpa Adcox

They arrived…. and Nome will never be the same because of it!  I am blessed and saddened writing this post.  Blessed because as I reflect on my parents’ trip, nothing but cherished memories, laughter, and relaxation come to mind.  Saddened because when people so close to you revisit your life, then their departure from it leaves a void noticeably felt.  It was great hosting Archer and Justice’s grandparents, my parents, Tom and Grace Adcox.  during their stay we traveled at least halfway down each of the three roads outside of Nome, we built two bonfires to stay warm, we went ptarmigan hunting, flew in a bush plane, rode a four-wheeler (or on a trailer behind one), played with Justice and Archer, and just CHILLAXED!  On our drives we spotted herds of musk ox and caribou, and one curious red fox.  It seems to me that when you have the “hunter’s eye” you always have the “hunter’s eye” , even if you’re in your mid sixties.  My mom was gracious enough to babysit a couple of nights allowing Amy and I to go out to eat without the kidos.  She spent her Nome time cutting hair and shopping.  Thanks for the great haircut, Justice thanks you too.  My dad and I were able to take a bush plane trip with my friend Nate Sobie.  We flew west through the Sawtooth Mountains and landed in the village of Brevig Mission.  It was there that my friends CO and Anne Marie Rudstrom picked us up in their four-wheeler and drove us to their beach home off of Grantley Harbor.  On our way we saw hunters unloading spotted seals from their boats and pulling their rig on the beach.  Everything about the trip made for a fantastic experience.  However, I’m guessing that the travels of the vacation were overshadowed by the opportunity to spend time playing with grandchildren.  And play we all did.  So much so, we unofficially established a 12:00pm nap time every day!

Mom and Dad, we love you.


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