Bye-Bye Berries

Well I have to be honest, when I had visions of this summer, prior to Archer’s arrival, I kept thinking how am I going to get out and about with two little ones and pick berries and go to the beach.  My two favorite things to do in the summer!  I am thankful to say that it was much easier than I ever could have imagined.  Berry picking with Justice brings many memories I will cherish forever.  There was a trick to make sure it could all go as planned when going to the beach and berry picking.  The plan was to wait till Archer needed a nap and then load the boys up and find berries close to the road so Archer could sleep in the car or load him up in our big rig stroller and he would take his naps on the beach.  He usually gave us an hour or more to have some fun, then he would let us know when to go home.  I can’t take credit for all these pictures, my friend Esther ( took some.  The picture of the beach is currently what our beach looks like now, snow covered.

I will miss the tundra berries and picking the sea glass from the beach with Justice by my side.  I guess we will have to find new winter hobbies.

This first picture is of the blueberry flower, prior to becoming a yummy berry.



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