Pumpkin Brains & Candle Flames

Happy  Halloween!

Amy and I have always enjoyed Halloween.  It’s a chance to be creatively spooky, to dress up in scary costumes, carve large pumpkins, and eat all the candy the kids didn’t take.  It has always been a time of year I look forward to and this year was no different.  A week prior to Halloween we hosted a pumpkin carving party, with the help from our friends the Pitts.  I had a blast, we first feasted on a pumpkin pasta that Amy had made.  It was to die for!  Then we began carving the pumpkins.  I had big plans this year, to carve a grissly wolfman face.  Despite my best efforts, not only was I the last one to finish carving, but in the end you couldn’t see the glow from the candle because I didn’t carve deep enough or shave the inside enough( I eventually corrected these shortcomings).  It was still a blast.  Justice initially stuck his hand in the pumpkin to pull out all the pumpkin “brains”  but after touching the gooey seeds, he wouldn’t stick his hand back in.  His loss. 

On Halloween day, I unfortunely had to work, so Amy and Aprille Pitt held down the fort scarying all young, unsuspecting trick-or-treaters.  Also, Amy and I watched “the Wolfman” movie.  It was horrifically BAD, but the evening was still grand.


3 thoughts on “Pumpkin Brains & Candle Flames

  1. Sounds like a blast. We’re too cheap to carve our pumpkins, it’s so difficult (and expensive) to get them out here. So, pumpkins are only for eating around here. =)

    I have good memories of going to a pumpkin carving party with C.O. early in our dating relationship. *awwwwe*

    Happy Halloween you all.


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