“JUSTICE Serrrrved”

As the father of a boy named JUSTICE I have always felt the reponsibility to nurture and direct my son into one day becoming an actual superhero.  During his infant days, I quietly toyed with the idea of Captain Crawler or Agent Diaper or something.  He was to be infant force to be reckoned with, armed with nothing more then a teething biscuit and saline drops this night time vigalante would dispence swift JUSTICE to those who seek to prey on the fearfull.  It didn’t take.  Now that the boy is almost two, I’m planning his transition from daytime, mild-mannered toddler to AQUA-LAD, a hulking muscle bound tot who welcomes trouble!  Were still working on his super suit and heroic stance. 

If this Idea doesn’t work out, Justice and I have been developing the sinister,deviant persona of the… Jokester!  He’d still be a good guy, but he’d look like a bad guy, that’s the genius behind it.  Villans won’t know what to expect.  It will be like,” Hi my Name’s the Jokester, what’s yours? I’m Mega Monster.  Oh really, we should plot to take over the world, POW, Jokes on you, I’m actually a good guy! And then his tag line after defeating a bad guy  will be,”JUSTICE serrrrved”

To be honest, I just wanted to show everyone these two pictures of Justice and felt compelled to write something.


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