Ode to Butter

A Happy Valentine’s Day was had by all!!

James and I were privileged enough to have a night full of laughs, mouth-watering food and a time to fellowship with our great Nomite friends.  Tonight’s theme was a Julia and Paul Child, Valentines Day party.  The instructions were to view the movie “Julie and Julia” as a couple prior to attendance.  Ladies were to wear pearls and gents must wear a tie.  Make one of Julia Child’s recipe for dinner and to bring a photo of your wedding day.

Food served was Gratineed Soupe à l’oignon (French Onion Soup), Pain Francaise (French Bread), Beef Bourguignon, Gratin Jurassien (scalloped potatoes) and Boca Negra (Chocolate Cake).
Bon Appetit!

Thank you Angela and Peter for a night that will bring many warm memories to mind and go down in my history book as one of my favorite Valentine’s Days ever.

The women with a stick of butter each!


Me and my Valentine!



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