Calling all parents out there

I know what you all must be thinking. We know, he is not even 2 years old yet! However, Daddy has started the watching movies and toilet training method. Then if he is successful, he gets a cookie!! The movie method takes him almost an hour to go, I am not sure that is the most effective use of my time during the day. We are proud to report that after two days of trying he told us he had to go and after seconds on the potty, he WENT! Today, he has not been successful. I give the little boy credit as he did run to the toilet to let out a toot! Long story short and don’t really want to share tooo much info, we kind of jumped into this new chapter of parenthood on a whim and to be honest really have not given it that much thought or research. So that is where we could use a little extra help, if you have any ideas. Please write us a post if you have any tips, suggestions or just a fun story. We really could use some helpful tips, but really I just REALLY wanted to post that adorable picture!


4 thoughts on “Calling all parents out there

  1. Girl that is SOOOO cute! 🙂 His little butt cheeks sticking out. LOL!
    Carlee is the potty training queen… I’ll bet she’d have some tips for you. Sounds like Wes is in the midst of potty training and he’s not completely brilliant at it either. Takes time. 🙂
    We implemented poo-poo and pee-pee candy with Kate and it seemed to work pretty well… She would get a piece of candy each time she did the deed on the toilet and she’d really look forward to it. 🙂
    Good luck guys! And…. guess what… I’m coming to NOME!

    See ya soon!

  2. Woah! I JUST found this blog! So glad I can keep up w/ James via the internet. Tell that jerk to get on Facebook already!

    I’ve got a 16 month old right now, and I have no idea how we’re going to do potty training. Let me know how the TV method worked out!

  3. HaHa! This is the way mom said that she potty trained Zac. She would sit him on the potty chair with a cookie and he would watch Captain Kangaroo. This is an adorable picture!!!

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