Why are my babies so BIG?

I, truly, do not have an answer why my boys are so big. Honestly, Archer only have his three meals a day and a snack before bed. Just like most people should have (well, minus the snack before bed), but normally we eat more than that. Don’t worry he does not act deprived, Archer is just the happiest baby and he loves to snuggle. Oh and we love to snuggle with him! With out further adieu, you all have to see the cutest pictures my mom took while she was here taking care of the kids.

Archer is currently just shy of 23 lbs.

Grandma Vanderwyst, we just want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking such wonderful love and care of our boys and for all those BIG and little things you do for us! We love you so much and miss not having you around. We can not thank you enough.


3 thoughts on “Why are my babies so BIG?

  1. Wow it looks like Gramma had a LOT of fun! And she’s a great photographer too. 🙂

    The arms. I just can’t get over the arms.

    Admit it now, did you photo edit them or SOMETHING!?

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