Was there a secret agenda?

With the name Justice, I think his Dad was secretly hoping he would love Superheros.  James has never admitted that, but if that is the case he will not be disappointed.  His son LOVES Superheros. When Justice was not even two years old yet, on one early morning while I was making the family breakfast wearing James’ old Superman T-shirt, Justice came running (he runs everywhere) into the kitchen and when he spots my shirt, he points and starts singing the Superman song.  I was beside myself as he sang, as I had no clue what-so-ever that he even knew that song.  What and when is his father teaching him.  If only our blog did video, we could share him singing the song and/or him screaming when it is time to take off his superhero pajamas to put on real clothes for the day.

Being the Mom of two adorable sons, is the best job I have ever had.  Therefore, sometimes being a Mom requires some extra jobs that help support the passions of your child.  So, although you can say I am very rusty when it comes to sewing, for my son I wanted to give it a go.  Justice now has a Batman bed sheet and pillowcase made with lots of love from his mommy.  Just promise me you won’t look too close at them, if you come over.

Notice the Neal Adams artwork on the material. Nothing but the best for my boys! -JA


4 thoughts on “Was there a secret agenda?

  1. Neal Adams is still doing Batman books, he just had a mini series recently. He’s lost a step or two, but he’s still golden.

    Rocco has his Superman shirt and Iron man shirt. It’s only a matter of time until he’s got a costume too.

    Sigh. Apples never fall far.

  2. He’s so cute and his sheet’s look awesome Amy! There’s a way for you all to do video if you want. I’ll give you the steps if you’re interested.

    1) Get a vimeo account at http://www.vimeo.com/
    2) There’s a big blue button on the site that says “Upload a video” – do that.
    3) Then it takes a few minutes for them to process your video but when it’s done go to
    videos – my video – click on your newly uploaded video AND . . .
    4) Click on the little “embed” button in the upper right hand side of your video and you’ll see some code there.
    5) Copy and paste that code into your blog post right where you write your text usually and voila! you’ll have video in your blog.

    It’s free and easier than it sounds.


  3. The sheets look awesome! and it looks like they’re just what Justice wanted 🙂

    So Archer’s probably thinking. . .where’s mine, Mommy?

    Love you all, Mom/Grandma

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