The Amazing Snuggie!

What’s a Snuggie, you ask?  Why it’s the all-purpose, multi-faceted, amazingly comfortable blue fleece blanket with arms.  I was given one at my Christmas work party, and forgot I owned it until recently.  This is a very unusual invention, and as such, I have to wonder how it came to be.  What is it’s origin?  Why a blanket with arms?  I always thought blankets did a fine job at keeping me warm.  So why change something so fundamental?  It’s simple, for the coolness factor.  Now I can literally wear my blanket wherever I go.  Think about it.  Why be confined by your average, everyday, life draining blanket, when your arms can be liberated, free from the tyrant bonds of blanketry.  Yes, Blanketry.  So don’t be the last to try out this sensation of the nation, pick up yours today.  Your arms will be happy you did!      

Snuggle up with a Snuggie while enjoying a soft chair and a hot beverage!


There's no better way to watch a game with the boys, than with the all-purpose Snuggie!


It's also perfect for seal hunting!


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