I guess I’m one.

Today Mommy and Daddy threw a party for me, because they say it was my birthday.  A lot of my parent’s friends came over and they all wanted to pinch my cheeks and kept calling me chubby.  They just don’t realize how hard it is to lose baby fat, especially when they keep feeding me a diet of whole milk, cottage cheese and pilot bread.  Finally, I was left alone when they began a bizarre ritual, I can only describe as Spin Me, Pin Me.  They said I couldn’t play because I am unable to walk.  After scanning the room, I was the only one that didn’t play.  What kind of party is this!  So they played their little game and after wards everyone was given a treat.  But, not me, they said, “Sorry, Archer but you are not old enough.”  Later, My parents and their friends, huddled around me, they held a breaded dessert to my face topped with a single flame.  According to there chanting my job was to blow out this flame, I chose to not oblige them.  Enduring this bizarre situation eventually payed off for me as this “cake” they speak of is really good, my first time ever having a piece.  Now came the part where me and my big brother had the chance to play with cool boxes and colorful paper.  Rudely I was asked to rip the paper from the boxes and it was taken away from me.  The boxes revealed toys and books that my brother got really excited about.  Personally, I missed my colorful paper.    Hours before the party even ended, my parent’s picked me up while I was just beginning to warm up to the crowd, and forced me to bed.  Of coarse, I began to cry, who wouldn’t.  After all, It’s my party and  I can cry if I want to!

This was the little party favor the kids were given at the party. This idea came from http://zakkalife.blogspot.com/


4 thoughts on “I guess I’m one.

  1. Well written summary Archer! I wish I could have been there. Oh yeah, please give your mom a late happy birthday wish for me. I just have the darndest time remember summer birthdays. Thanks Archer.

    Uncle John

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