Fall in Wisconsin!

What a wonderful time of year to visit my family.  We loved being outside, as you can tell from all the pictures.  Our time was filled with their Great Grandma’s 90th birthday party, wrestling with cousins, horse ride, parks and best of all time with the whole family.  Time with family is priceless and for us since it is always too short, it is a time for the family to really get to know our boys and for James and I as Aunt and Uncles to know and play with our little nephews.

Our Godson Brock!  I LOVE this picture and I LOVED spending time with little guy as he has his own little personality now!

Justice and Mack under the tree.

Grandpa and Grandma with ALL their grand kids!

To end our time with a bang, we all spent the last weekend up by Lisa where we had the privilege of hanging out at a YMCA camp.

Okay this part probably deserves it’s own little entry, but whatever.  So if you are looking for the best fundraiser idea ever, well here it is!  We were lucky enough to be home when my hometown Rotary Club (I think) put on an event (I can not remember the name) where they had every truck, tractor, heavy equipment, race cars, safety vehicles and just everything to our local fairgrounds.  Here the kids paid and were each given a hard hat and were free to go jump into every vehicle and press buttons, blow horns, steer and anything else you can think of.  They also had special sections of dirt piles to play in, a little train to take a ride, jump house, wood working and rock painting stations and so much more.  So here are some pictures from that event!

The crew who all went on  a ride up a lift.

Believe it or not, but Justice had to move the bucket from one ladder to the other and he did it!

A local car shop fixed up this old beater as the famous Mater!

This is every boys dream come true.  Even little Archer, every time he sat in the driver’s seat he would go VROOM and jerk the steering wheel.  I am glad we were home for that. I guess you could say we were October Blessed being able to spend a month with both families.  We miss you all already and can not wait for you all to visit and see our new little place.


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