Our new home!

Our first house!  Now if you come to visit you can find us in the town of Soldotna.  This little 2 bedroom home is actually in the country and we are almost exactly between the town of Soldotna and Kenai.  We welcome company!  Leave a comment if you would like to be included in the virtual tour that will be sent by email.


16 thoughts on “Our new home!

  1. We would love a tour, in person. Do you think you will be around in April during Easter? We are thinking of taking a trip south to see family and you guys. So excited you are on the road system. How does it feel? Do you own or rent? Can’t wait to catch up and hear all that has happened in just the past few months for you all.

  2. We want a tour! The house looks great but what is with all the snow??? We hope you had a wonderful Halloween. The boys look really cute in their costumes.

    Amy and John

  3. Hi Amy & James, House looks great. Hope your friends are doing OK in Nome as the storm surge comes in. Great seeing you and the boys in Wisconsin!
    Love Auntie Kathy

  4. Wowey – Zowey! You guys look fantastic! We can’t wait to see the tour and we love your blog and we MISS you here in Nome, but it sure is exciting all your new experiences.

    E and K

  5. That’s the perfect little house! Sounds like things are going well and you’re settling in nicely. I’d love a virtual tour and sooner than later a real tour.

  6. Yes, tour please! The boys are adorable, archer just might make me change my mind about skunks:) happy to hear that James enjoys his job & we would love to visit you all in your new location someday.. Or link up in Hawaii again?

  7. Oh my goodness, it is so cute. We’d love to come down and see you guys. We have other friends down in Soldotna as well. Lyndi & Michael Miller. They have two little girls and Lyndi is a teacher. Who knows, you just might run into them. They’re super people and you’re super people and super people have this way of running into each other. =)


  8. Aw I love seeing your adorable house and, AND a tree out front! What a change from Nome eh? 🙂 You guys look so happy. And the boys are absolutely darling in their outfits. 🙂

  9. Adorable house James, Amy, Justice, and Archer. Fun to catch up with you through your blog. How do you find the time? It’s awesome. Miss you guys!

  10. Yes please send the tour…. or you might be able to twist my arm for a visit in 2012…. I’ll have to start planning and saving
    Congrats on the new house – Love and hugs Am and fam

  11. Congratulations, James and Amy! The house looks really nice! We’re going to need your new mailing address for Christmas cards. For some reason, though, we don’t have e-mail addresses for either of you so I’m asking here. 🙂 Can we do an address exchange over e-mail?

  12. Amy, could you send email me your new mailing address? Hope all is well. Josh’s parents just left and Linda talked so much of how great you are. Merry Christmas. Kathleen

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