The boys

Archer has been spoiling his mother for the last 16 months of his life, but will things change with his new development?  Mommy can always count on Archer being in one room in the house playing with his toys with a big smile on his face.  He is all smiles and loves to give hugs and more recently kisses.  The baby stage can be a bit more challenging at times, but I have to admit I think it is one of my favorite stages of development.  Archer has been taking his good ol’ time growing up and I have loved every part of it.  His development compliments his personality; laid-back, easy going and one big cuddle bug.

However, I might not have been in a rush to see him walk, yet it always brings such joy to my heart when my child learns a new skill and just recently he has two new skills.  First, Archer is walking, not running, thankfully, but walking.  Currently he still crawls more than he walks, but he walks, he really walks!  The second skill he has developed only recently is using silverware.  Okay let’s be honest, his mother really did not allow him to feed himself or give him any dishes with his food until about a month ago.  Prior to this Archer was a food and dish thrower.  He would eat some, throw some, play a little to much and more food was somewhere else then where it was suppose to be.  So that only lasted a couple times, when mom decided he will just be spoon feed.  Well, somewhere along the line he has learned some table manners and so now he is given his food in a plate or bowl with silverware.  He eats about half with the silverware and half with his hands.  When he wants more or is done is says momma more and hands me his plate and/or cup.

Archer is just like any boy he loves planes, trains and automobiles.  He makes me laugh when he climbs into the middle of our bar stools and says “VROOM.”  Archer before he was one year old LOVED our family 4-wheeler rides.  So much so that even now every time he sees a 4-wheeler he will do anything to get out of your arms and on top of that 4-wheeler.   He also loves animals and is making some animal sounds such as cow and a bear.  Some of his other favorite words are happy, apple, owl, and as of yesterday the word, NO.

One thing Archer did not enjoy as a baby was books.  Every time I would sit to read with the boys, after about a 2 pages, Archer would wiggle out of my lap to the floor to play with a toy instead.  I have to admit it broke my heart a bit that he never wanted to sit through a book.  Things have taken a turn for the better.  Lately Archer hunts me down to read him a book and he says book when he wants a story read to him.  I think he has been learning a thing or two from his big brother.  Justice has always loved books and now a frequent thing at our house when I am in a the kitchen working and I don’t hear the boys in the living room they have usually made their way to their room for their own little story time.

Justice, Justice, and Justice.  Our little 2 1/2 year old isn’t so little anymore and the changes we have been seeing in him can be pretty much be summed up in one word, Independent!  He wants to undress himself, wash his hands, turn on the light, buckle himself, wipe himself and all of them except for the latter he is ready for.  Justice is very inquisitive and has begun asking why to many things.  As he grows older we enjoy watching his imagination grow.  Most days if he is not flying around the house with his superhero cape; he is a bear that is going to get us.  Some of his other favorite things to do these days include puzzles, cutting with a scissors, coloring, hiking, sledding, and then of coarse wants to play with any toy that Archer is playing with.  He enjoys singing Itsy Bitsy Spider, counts to 15, knows his colors and we are working on the alphabet.

The newest change in Justice that just seemed to happen right after the move was that he will eat almost anything and if he does not want to eat it at least he tries it!  YIPEEE!  I can not explain how overjoyed I am about this new development.   Prior to this it was pretty painful year and a half for me.  I could not get anything in his mouth.  I would finish making  a meal for the family and we would all sit down and he used to take one look at the meal and say, “Done, mommy. Done!”  This usually got the best of me and I am so proud to say those days are over and I never want to go back.  Here is a picture of him eating Salmon.  He kept saying, “yum mommy, more mommy.”  He made my day that night and every night there after.

We love you boys!


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