Christmas Fun

Here is a snap shot of the night before Christmas!  Our two little boys really made Christmas fun!  This was the first year our family had stockings!  James was excited to make them with me.  He wanted me to teach him to sew, but that lasted all of about one stocking and then he kind of disappeared.  I, very happily had them hung and done before Christmas.

Then onto my next project, bat masks!  This was my little homemade present for the boys.

So let the present opening begin!

Before we could finish, we had an injury.  Justice bumped his mouth with the new steel Tonka dump truck. He still had a fat lip yet today, poor thing.  We did not let that stop our fun.  This Christmas season the boys and Dad made their first snowman ever!  We hosted James work Christmas party, which was very fun.  Lastly, what makes each Christmas so special are the traditions we continue each year, such as sleeping beside the lighted Christmas tree the night before, watching Christmas movies, homemade cinnamon rolls that morning, candlelight service and a time of thanks.

Lastly, a cute picture of the boys after the church service as they watched a puppet show.


2 thoughts on “Christmas Fun

  1. I was wondering if anyone would notice the 5th stocking and have questions. We are proud to have Chili in the family so yes, that 5th one is for her. We need a little more time yet, to add a 6th stocking to this family. 🙂

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