If only dreams came true…

Do I really have to get up today?  FYI, not a good day.

Actually truth be told, my house is a little too clean everyday.  Moreover, I do not want to get out of bed because our agenda for each day is a little too open.  Where we would rather have friends coming over and community events to keep us busy. Rather my house is cleaner than it ever has been because I have lots of down time to get it done. I have had a couple bad days adjusting to all the changes and trying to be patient in the time it takes to establish new relationships.  However, the days where I do feel a little down all I can do is praise God for providing and always being there for me and this helps to pick myself back up again.

I know this; I would rather have friends than a sparkling clean house.  Although I will take both!  Miss you all and I am thankful you all are a phone call away.  Lots and lots of love…


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