Old McDonald

I guess when you are hard up for money, you will do almost anything.  It was my second year of college and I had just transferred to a new school.  Shortly afterword, I began looking for a job.  Chad, my older brother, a farm hand at a near by farm and said if you need a job, you could milk cows.  I did not even have to think about it my answer was NO.  Really, absolutely not.  After some time had passed with no job, the “milking cows” suggestion started to have some appeal.  Next thing I knew I was literally covered in cow…, you know what!  It took about 4 or 5 cows and the patient owner to show me in slow motion just exactly how to do it, before I actually got the hang of it.  I was a pro by the end of the first day as we had around 300 cows to milk and then clean up the barn and well myself.  The first day on the job, I wanted to leave and never come back.  So that day I said to myself, ” you can’t quit now, give this job a good month and then reevaluate.”  Well to this day I can honestly say milking cows was never one of my favorite things in life, however you can’t leave a job  when the people you work for are one of the best people on this earth.  They became my family while in school and even though I never really liked cows, I loved them.  Enough so that some days I even offered to help with the morning shift from 4 am -10ish.  I worked there the rest of my college career, not once did I ever consider changing my degree to agriculture, but I did cry on the drive out to the farm and on the way home on my very last shift after I graduated.  Real words can not describe what working on a farm has taught me and working for the Styer family has meant to me.

So needless to say as I have been reading about sensory tubs for my little ones to explore in.  The first thing that came to mind was a farm theme.  With some corn, a tractor, a barn and lots of farm animals, we were ready to go.  The boys LOVED it and played for 2 hours straight.   I talked with the kids about some basics to teach them about a farm.  The next day Justice was holding some animals and said, “Mom, I don’t sleep in a barn.  Cows and horses sleep in a barn.”  Justice also made us laugh as every time Archer would grab a bear or any other non farm animal, Justice would tell him how they don’t live on a farm. I am not sure the plans that lie ahead for Justice, but I can say for the last two years of his life, when we ask him what he dreams about, it usually involves a farm animal.

I have really enjoyed putting the sensory tub together that I have already started to plan new ones; which include construction zone, land before time, Pirates with treasure maps and what ever else comes to mind. I don’t have one exact resource, but if interested google sensory tub and for a quick search just click on images.


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