Snow much fun!

Of all our years in Alaska, this winter’s snowfall has been the most plentiful! We love it!  Initially we began taking the kids out on walks and pulling them in a sled, sometimes they would dress up for the occasion complete with knight helmet and  swat team gear.  The Adcox boys are prepared for anything on these outings.  Later, we built a snowman that stood for almost three months defying all the laws of gravity.  Eventually Amy started digging a snow cave for the boys that evolved into a snow tunnel.  This was just the beginning, we then dug paths around our yard to allow the boys to play hide and seek.  This also allows us to take  Chilidog to the bathroom without trucking through knee-deep snow.  The boys enjoyed the paths so much, we dug them around the entire house and added some more caves and tunnels.  It has been a process, but it’s a fun work out.  The last photo is our neighbor that periodically pays us a visit. For this reason, we typically do a “moose scan” before we send the kids out to play. 


2 thoughts on “Snow much fun!

  1. Hi Amy- your mom shared your blog with me a while back and I just found it and wasn’t sure until this moment what/who it was all about. You look so incredibly happy and I just wanted to say that I am happy for that. Your family is absolutely beautiful.

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