Three is the magic number

“Mom!  Dad!  Christmas came, Christmas came!” Justice yelled in excitement this morning.

“No, Justice, it is your birthday today.  You are three years old today.”

“Presents!  This one is for Archer, this one is for you Mom, and..” Justice was explaining the process until we stopped him to inform him that they are all for him.  That is when a big smile brightened his face and exclaimed, “Can I open them, pleeeeeease?”

We reserved the morning for opening Grandma and Papa’s presents and his cousin’s amazing train set they sent our way.  The whole family enjoyed constructing and demolishing train track cities.

Next, a power nap! While he dreamed of trains, trains and more trains, Ma and Pa were busy making a birthday cake, wrapping presents, and setting up our tent in the living room for a Great Outdoors themed birthday. I was busy in the kitchen making a log cake and James cut a couple twigs to “garnish” the cake. This birthday will be remembered as our first camping experience with the boys as on Monday we leave for a remote cabin for the night. So in preparation of the trip some of his presents from Ma and Pa included sleeping bags, flash light and mini snow shovel.


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