Our first camping trip with the boys…

It is not camping without a hike. The cabin was a half mile from the parking lot. We had our packs and a sled to transport Archer and more stuff to the cabin. Justice, on the other hand is always up for a hike!

Here we are at the cabin!

Justice's first and last time using an outhouse. Let's just say he did not like it and so he figured out a way that he would not have to use it again while we were there. Let's just say clothing wise I did not plan for this type of scenario.

Randomly James and Justice would have to run out of the cabin to do a quick sled down the small hill and then race back to the cabin in their slippers.


Time to test out the new sleeping bags. Yes, we did hike the pack and play in.


Cards, cookies, laughing, reading all to candle light. We should do this at home!


Time to go home. This was hysterical, we had just started our hike out and Archer was acting tired and next thing I knew he just plopped to the ground and laid there with his eyes closed. I kept expecting him to whine or try to tell me what was wrong, but the funny part was he didn't he was actually trying to go to sleep on the snow. I had plenty of time to find my camera and capture this adorable moment.


Dad, Archer, pack and sled as we departed from a memorable first camping trip.


Not our last camping trip, as we made a fun family purchase last week to go along with the camping themed birthday. The Adcox clan are proud new owners of a 13' Scamp to continue our camping adventures on the Alaskan road system. More pictures when it actually arrives in July! Yippee Skippee


4 thoughts on “Our first camping trip with the boys…

  1. I LOVED this post Amy! SOOO cute! I love the random sled riding and poor baby Archer trying to sleep in the snow!! šŸ™‚ And I love that you bought a Scamp! Oh my goodness you guys are the funnest family EVER. I miss you so much and love you all!

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