Dedicated to my G-ma V

James and I were so blessed to take a quick trip home for my Grandma V’s funeral earlier this month.  I will miss her so much and I am so thankful that she left me with so many wonderful memories to cherish.  At the funeral my cousin Krissy wrote a beautiful poem that really captured who and what G-ma V was to all of us.  I really could not have said it any better, so below is her heartfelt poem to remember her by.   Krissy you are amazing!

Here’s to someone special, we are all going to miss, a sweet little poem from your little sis!

She’s a wonderful woman, just a half a century older than me.

All the memories on Ash, where we had such a blast

Enter the door with a smile; sit in the kitchen for awhile.

At first it’s just you, suddenly your brother or your sister or uncle is there too.

Relax by the table, who needs cable.

We’ll just talk and chat, have a cookie for a snack.

Don’t you run for the door, Grandma just gave you a chore.

The work is never done, unless of course, you’re her #1 son.

She’ll repay you with some cake, chocolate or rhubarb, never know, it maybe soft, it maybe hard.

Oh wait, here comes some more. there’s great grandchildren at the door.

Not sure what they will do, we’ll send them past the davenport to the porch for a toy or two.

Oh, it’s such a nice day, let’s have some fun, we can go outside in the sun.

We will look at the trees and the flowers; we’ll sit at the picnic table and talk for hours.

Let’s look at her plants growing in the side walk, or the hanging baskets that Aunt Kathy just bought.

Let’s not forget her favorite, roses of all colors.  Remember how she enjoyed sharing them with others.

Oh, but she loved her Virgin Mary just as much, she cried when she received as her heart it touched.

Let’s go back inside now and play cribbage again, no wait I got a new game, this one’s called phase 10.

Or we could play cansta or a puzzle would be nice, as long as were at Grandma’s anything will suffice.

Oh, how I’ve enjoyed our time, nothing ever could replace, I never will forget you Grandma or the memory of your face.

I’m so sad you had to leave this place and end our story, but for you I am happy Grandma, you’re finally with your Maurie.

I’ll hold you in my heart for now and never let you go, until we meet again in Heaven, my sweet Grandma Rita Jo.


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