Hidden Lake Camping Adventure

With summer finally upon us, Amy and I have desperately been craving some good quality “family time”.  What better than a camping trip of course.  We loaded up our trusty little scamp and took off for Hidden Lake in the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge.  We arrived, found a good spot to set up base camp and took off to hike the Russian River Falls trail.  Round trip from the Russian River Park enterance was about 6.6 miles, and needless to say it kicked our butts.  According to our friends these falls are a great spot to see some bears, but alas we saw nothing but a slow moving porcupine.  Back at camp we tried Jiffy Pop for the first time, roasted some marshmellows, and horiffically played some tunes on our camp ukelle.  We later strolled to Hidden Lake and enjoyed throwing rocks in the water before bed.  The next morning we had some breakfast and hiked a little around the lake before hitching the scamper and heading home.


2 thoughts on “Hidden Lake Camping Adventure

  1. Oh it looks like the perfect little camper to travel all over Alaska with, so happy you finally have it! A few years ago Josh and I hiked to the Russian River Falls and saw a young bear fishing, granted it rained our entire hike and while we watched but it was very cool, you should try again later in the summer when more fish might be around. Glad you had family time, wish we could have been in the next campsite over.

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