Show me your muscles!

Today is Father’s Day.  A day set aside to remind all children to pay respect to their fathers.  Typically this is a day to express appreciation for the love and care they have received and are receiving from their fathers.  Since our boys are too young to express their appreciation beyond the daily hugs and kisses that never do grow old, I would like to take this moment to extend my perspective on how their father is an instrumental part of their little lives.

Dear Justice and Archer, did you know that your Father loves spending every free minute of his time playing, reading and learning about each of you.  As you boys continue to grow, I hope and pray that you will continue to love the time you have with your Dad.  May your life be filled with fun memories of all the fun times you will share.  However, just as important, may you also remember and inherit the strong attributes of your father.  Pay attention, boys, as he leads by example on how to be a strong, honest provider for our family, strong in moral character to do what is right, a strong loving husband, and a strong man of God.  My prayer this Father’s Day is that you boys will acquire these attributes and pass them on for generations to come.  That, in my eyes, is the best Father’s Day present you boys could ever give.


We LOVE you Dad!


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