A Celebration of Wildlife Art!

This summer the Kenai Visitors and Cultural Center will be hosting A Celebration of Wildlife Art 2012! This show is not only an impressive collection of wildlife art from world-renowned painters, but it also is the largest wildlife show in the state’s history. The collection boasts paintings from talents such as Carl Brenders, Robert Bateman, Daniel Smith, Terry Issac, and Jason Adcox. That’s right I said Jason Adcox. My brother “represents” and literally is hanging with the big dogs (quite well, I must ad). This should not be surprising as Jason’s work has always turned heads. His consistent high quality treatment of his subjects and excellent draftmanship landed two great paintings in the show, both of which were purchased by the second day of the exhibit. I’m proud of you Bro!


5 thoughts on “A Celebration of Wildlife Art!

  1. Just out of curiosity, did this Jason Adcox live in Plano Texas at one point? My mother recently gave me some old frames that had art work from him (A Jason adcox, twin brother of James) from back in the 8th grade, so I got curious as to what he was doing with that talent since. This popped up on google so thought I would ask!
    Greetings from Oklahoma city and I wish you well in your work! Beautiful!
    Amy Beauchamp

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