Cookie Monster Birthday!

Our little Archer or aka Hulk is officially two years old.
Some of Archer’s favorite things are
cookie monster
his superman cape that he wears everywhere,
swing sets,
a giant Hulk with a mean voice that repeats loudly, “You are making me angry, you won’t like me when I’m angry.” Since Christmas one of his favorites toys is still the batman house and superhero toys.

Archer’s personality is one that brings a smile to my face many times throughout the day. He loves to laugh and joke around. He loves to sit on your lap and cuddle. When he plays he is always the bad guy and tries to act all mean and serious.

Archer’s accomplishments at two!

-Sings the alphabet

-Can identify almost each letter of the alphabet

-Counts to 15

-Talks in 5-6 word sentences, which almost all of the sentences end with “right now”

-He always says “tanks” in his little smokers voice, when you give him something

One of his new favorite birthday presents.



One thought on “Cookie Monster Birthday!

  1. Hello from Grandma V. . .glad to see an update! From a Grandma’s perspective, would you mind switching out “little smokers” voice to “his low & raspy voice”?

    Sure do miss all of you & we’re anxiously awaiting a few pictures of our time with you.
    Love ya all, Grandma

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