Show off!

Our little home feels a little more like home when Grandma and Grandpa come to visit. We only wish they could have stayed longer. The boys were able to show off their new skills and we were able to show off our new town and a trip to Hailbut Cove. We were hoping to show off some fishing skills, but Grandpa ended up showing us how it is done. Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa we have a new freezer chest to store all the fish they caught for us! James was able to snag one, but honestly we would have had an empty freezer if it was not for Grandma making Grandpa get a fishing license.

Thank you so much for our new freezer. We LOVE it! We were hoping to mail you all some fish, but since we were not able to hook anymore, we are really hoping you all will come at the same time next year! Please……

Grandpa bringing in the fish.

Justice also learned how to fish! He was a natural at casting out and reeling in his line. I hope we learn how to fish, before he teaches us.

Archer got to celebrate his first birhtday for the second time! Grandma made him two Polar Bear cakes!

We treated the family for a trip across the bay to Halibut Cove. We would all go there again in a heart beat. Amazing, beautiful and unique.

Justice showed off his balance bike skills down some pretty big hills.

Grandma taught him this.

We hope your next trip will be longer, as always the time goes by way to fast. We love all the time we were able to share and all the memories you left behind.


One thought on “Show off!

  1. Dear Adcox fam, just wanted to pop in and say hey and see what you all are up to since I last visited the site! I LOVE all the adorable pictures; J&A are growing SO BIG! It’s amazing to see them turning into little boys and not babies anymore. 🙂 Miss you guys and think about you ALL the time.
    Love you!

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