My Mommy!

I have been arguing with Archer the last several months in regards to Amy.  If I showed any affection toward her (even if I didn’t know he was around) he would yell from anywhere, “That’s MY Mommy!”  Sometimes this terrified me.  Anyway, I always respond to this saying, “She’s MY Wife!” We usually will go round and round on this for about a minute or so and then our argument seems to end, or sometimes Justice will chime in,” She’s MY Wife.”

Well, during the late part of August and the first part of September the Adcox Grandparents were able to make it up north for a visit.  The first thing I yelled to Archer when we nestled in our hotel room in Anchorage after picking up the Grandparents was, “Archer, That’s MY Mommy” , pointing to his Grandmother.   He had no comeback. Oddly, I found myself calling my Mom, “Mommy” through their entire trip, what’s up with that?

Grandma and Grandpa Adcox came up for a visit from Texas, and were able to spend about a week and a half with us.  It was a great time!  We began their trip by exploring Anchorage, and slowly making our way south to Soldotna, but not before visiting the Alaskan Wildlife Conservation Center near Portage Glacier.  It was great to see grizzlies about a foot away with nothing more than chicken wire between us.  After arriving in Solodtna we visited the Kenai Visitor’s and Cultural Center to look at some wildlife art.  We found seals, moose,  eagles, caribou, belugas, and even a flying squirel that Grandpa spotted.  Grandma was gracious enough to cut the boys hair and my own, which was very needed.  During one of the highest tide differentials in the year my friend John from Fairbanks, my Dad, and I all took a halibut charter out of Ninilchik to see if we could catch some big fish.  It was a blast and a lot of work!  My forearms were killing me the next day.  Needless to say, we caught our limit with Dad scoring the high honors of catching the largest fish (roughly 36lbs.)  After splitting our spoils, I’m happy my freezer is near full for the winter.  Amy and Dad picked a plentiful amount of  wild berries and fireweed petals for jam.  Dad later introduced us to Amaranth, a gluteen-free sustitute for flour.  No offense Dad, but I’ve never seen my kids cringe at eating a brownie before.  It reminded me of Papa Bear’s live-off-the-land stew from the Berenstien Bears.  Mom enjoyed shopping and watching Dad catch some salmon.  As the trip came to an end the boys spent the night with Grandma and Grandpa giving Amy and I a chance to celebrate our six year anniverary.  Thanks Mom and Dad, we loved having you!


One thought on “My Mommy!

  1. This cracks me up! I used to do this with my now 16 year old nephew (“That’s my sister.” “NO, that’s my mommy!”) when he was a small tot. Over and over.

    Loved catching up on your blog and can’t wait to see what the boys were for Halloween!! Kemet was a monkey 😉

    PS Finally using the baby food cook book you sent Amy. Love it!

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