Grow into your costume

Cobwebs, skeletons, rats and bats filled our home this Halloween season.  With the creepy decor and library books about ghosts and goblins, the boys were far from scared, they could hardly wait to go trick or treating this year.  Justice talked about the costumes he could be for Halloween endlessly.  When we ate a meal or a particular snack that he loved he would explain to me, “Mom, I need to eat alot more so that I can grow into my costume for Halloween.”   Halloween is taken very seriously here as we had many events to get dressed up for.  On Holloween night, after a trick or treating escapade the boys helped hand out candy at our friend’s house.  Justice had a sucker in his mouth and when the doorbell rang the first time, he just stared at the small group of costumed kids on the doorstep.  I told him from the top of the stairs, “Justice give the kids some candy.”  Ignoring the large bowl of treats sitting at his feet, he simply poped the sucker out of his mouth and stuck it in one of the kids bags.  I quickly ran down the stairs and taught my son how to handle trick or treaters.  We hope you all had as much fun on Halloween as we did!

The local Catholic Church had a carnival. Archer was Spiderman and Justice was Iron Man.

Halloween night we spent with friends dining, trick or treating and passing out candy.

Post Halloween party and the family went in style.


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