In loving memory of my Grandma

Every year when the Christmas season comes I can always think of things that I want and for the past couple years, I have honestly told my husband I already have everything I need and want.  However, just like everyone as the time gets closer I can usually think of a couple things that would be fun or to update this or that and I usually end up asking for them.  This year my parents blessed my family with a trip home to WI to be with my whole family for the holidays, which was by far my favorite gift of all.  Unfortunately, my whole family arrived sick and spent the whole first week sick and then passed it along to others.  In fact, due to the sickness and forgetting the special battery for our camera this trip was a trip without pictures.

On another note there will be one picture that was sewn into my heart that could never be erased.  As I was home we received word that my Grandma S was actively dying and this process could take a hour or up to days.  I was in the twin cities when I heard the news, and so my first response was to leave immediately to be with her.  I had that night with her and the next 4 days to be with her.  Usually, each day as I saw her grow weaker it was very hard for me to witness.  I have to admit I had NEVER seen my Grandma weak.  The way I saw her, was that there was no time to be weak, as she was so busy working so hard to serve others and always on the go.  I mostly knew my Grandma as taking care of other elderly women and being an amazing care taker.  Speaking of care taking, I remember sharing with her once that my husband is a meat and potato kind of man, but how potatoes are not my favorite.  She stopped me right then and there and said, “You better be making your man potatoes.”    “Don’t worry Grandma, I am.  I am.”  I quickly reassured her.  She loved cooking for anyone and everyone and she always sent me back to Alaska with homemade maple syrup and jams and jellies.  However, this trip she was not strong and that was hard for me, however I was able to witness something even more powerful.  The love and care her children had for her in her dying hours.  Seeing my parents, aunts and uncle’s endless care allowed my Grandma to die in loving arms with honor and dignity.  This was truly a memory that I will cherish forever to see unconditional love at it’s finest is simply beautiful.  I will miss you Grandma.  Here are some pictures that were fun to dig around for, which mostly took place at our wedding, where my I was honored to have my Grandmother read one of our readings, then she helped prepare a wonderful brunch the morning of our wedding for everyone who spent the night and lastly at the reception my Grandma doing another one of her favorite past times of playing cards.

I am not sure why James is not in this picture?

I am not sure why James is not in this picture?


Grandma with her daughters Judy, Kathy and my mom. My sister Lisa and my God father Jerry.


Grandma with Archer.

Grandma with Archer.

Going back to the Christmas season over the last few years a piece of me has never felt right getting everything and more than I could ever dream of for Christmas, when the truth is that not everyone has that kind of Christmas. So although this Christmas the world lost a good one, our family gained one in need. This Christmas our family choose to sponsor a child, what we will like to think of as our new extended family member that we have committed to help until is 18 years old.  We are excited to fill this little man with our prayers and our financial support and as letters are encouraged, for our boys to be pen pals as they grow older and in hopes that they will think of him as their own brother and to be reminded daily that others need our help and prayers.

“Have a deep compassion for people.  To be able to have a heart full of compassion we need to pray.  Especially be kind, be loving to the poor.  We think we do so much for the poor, but it is they who make us rich.  We are in debt to them.  Do you want to do something beautiful for God?  There is a person who needs you.  This is your chance.”  words to live by Mother Teresa


One thought on “In loving memory of my Grandma

  1. Heartwarming; thanks Amy & James. I guess our dear Lord knew there was a reason that you all had to be home to share Christmas of 2012 with all your family this year cuz He knew this would be Grandma’s final Christmas. There are no words to express how grateful we are that you were able to be here. Love you sooo much, Mom & Dad

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