The problem with booking DNR cabins, is that when the day of your family excursion finally comes you have no idea what the weather and temperature is going to be like.  This was the case of our last cabin camping trip.  We knew the morning of the trip that this was not going to be an easy “kid friendly” experience as the temp was about 10 below.  We arrived at Kelly Lake around noon and hauled in our provisions which included two good size bundles of wood, a lantern, axe, food, four sleeping bags, sleeping pads, some small toys for the kids, water, and a lot of winter gear.  I quickly built a fire in the stove, but at close to 15 below zero it still took a long four hours to make the cabin comfortable.  I can remember a lot of screaming, crying, and tantrums, and the kids were not acting much better.  After muscling through frozen sandwiches, the boys eventually went down for a nap in two layers of sleeping bags.  when they woke they played with their new toys, as Amy and I played some cards.  Unfortunately, with the weather being as it was we did not spend much time outside.  So much so, a make shift honey bucket was incorporated this trip as the outhouse seat was frozen shut.  Oh well, such is life in the deep freeze.



One thought on “15 BELOW ZERO

  1. You guys inspire us so much. We hope so much that in 2 years when Ethan is Archer’s age we are bold enough to be heading out to cabins. Keep posting about your adventures, it gives us courage and hope for what is to come.

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