DIY Valentine

Today for Valentines I was just soooo excited to share my present with James.  We ended up sharing last night since to be honest we have too many others things going on today to actually celebrate.  I got this idea off of pinterest and bought the template and directions from here.  I made him a Valentine lottery ticket.  The picture below is the example from this website.   He loved it!!!  The present for me was watching him scratch it off.

The first heart he scratched, he was so excited that he exclaimed, “I picked the best one, YES!”

I said, “Well you actually didn’t, did you want to see what you missed out on?”

This eyes got big and scratched another one, “Dang this one is better.”

I said. “Actually you would have liked the last one the best.”

His eyes got even bigger, the last one read, “you win all three.” 

Now I will spare you the details on what I wrote.  However, the reason for the post is if anyone wants to have some fun and make one for someone they love, or even a friend.  Be creative and they are super easy!   I love this idea and might even make it a Valentine’s Day tradition!!

Enjoy and Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!



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