Happy Father’s Day

DSC09198_2This week at library, they read books about Dads.  Then the craft project was to make ties.  What was going to aspire from library no one knew.  When we arrived home, Justice demanded to put on his tie and he made a watch with our supplies and asked us to tape it on his wrist. From that point on, he was Dad.  He acted like he was talking on a cell phone and he said, “What are we going to do about this pollution?”  and you hear lots of yeahs and okays.  I wanted to ask, “How do you know the word pollution?”  Then I think he knew he was making us laugh as he asks for a newspaper.  So we gave him the paper we picked up that day.  He takes it to the table and acts like he is reading every article, until we said let me help you, and we turn the paper right side up!  After that it was quite for a while before we started to question where is that Justice.

DSC09190He had made his way to the bathroom, to get an early start on the facial hair.  Isn’t it true if you start early it grows in thicker and faster?  We are not sure about that, but I guess we will find out.

What I find most funny about this whole episode, is that his Dad rarely wears a tie or dare I say thinks about pollution.  One might say that James isn’t the typical business man, but more of an outdoors man, warm hearted man and how we would define him as a true family man.  What James wanted this Father’s Day was to go camping with the family.  That we did!  We explored Quartz Creek Campground and we loved every minute of it.

DSC09209DSC09200DSC09215Happy Father’s Day to the best Dad ever.  We like you and we love you, forever!


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