Archer is 3!

DSC09319Time flies when you’re having fun.  I can’t believe the month of July is already upon us.  July is the Birthday month in the Adcox family (Archer, Robert, Mac, Amy, and Sarah).  And true to form we kicked off the festivities with little Archer’s Birthday.  Archer is now three years old!  We built up his birthday leading up to the July 2nd talking about cake, friends, presents, but despite all this the little guy was most excited that he could now have two vitamins a day like big brother instead of one.  On July 2nd, we celebrated intimately at home with some presents from Dad and Mom and some phone calls from both grandparents. A couple of days later on the 4th of July we had a party with desserts,  a bon fire, good friends, and some little popper fireworks.  It was a great Independence day!


As always when our boys become a year older, Amy and I always reminisce the milestones of their year.  Here are some Archer moments while he was two years old:

-The boy’s vocabulary has increase ten fold, unfortunately no one can understand his new words with that raspy voice of his.  Even Mom and Dad have to ask Justice to translate for us, poor guy.  Sometimes I’m convinced the two boys have their own language.

– The boy is now 100% potty trained!  This was no easy task, but when Archer caught on he caught on.  I’m talking through the night, and poopies without any extra child seat kind of potty trained.  We are really proud of him.


– The boy knows his ABC’s and can tell you the sounds of every letter.  A special thanks to Mommy and Leap Frog for this one.

– The boy is becoming a little puzzle genius and enjoys playing board games such as chutes and ladders, memory, and yahtzee.  Sometimes Mom or Dad would give Archer a large puzzle in the early morning, and then sneak back to bed and typically within 30 to 40 minutes he would come back to our room and let us know that he was done.  He also loves to color and draw his own pictures.  This is quickly becoming the biggest past time for both boys.


–  The boy has become an avid boxer and wrestler.  We love to box each other, and sometimes he tells me where to hit him, so he can dramatically collide with the couch or end table all in slow motion.  We may end up using his triple AAA cage fighting nickname more than we thought we would.

– The boy is becoming a little prayer warrior.  He prays now with sincerity and always repeats after anyone leading our meal prayers.


– The boy continues to be our little cuddle bug.  He enjoys cuddling with Mom and Dad, and one of his favorite sayings is “I love you and I like you”.  The stinker can get away with murder by twinkling his hazel eyes, smiling, and saying this.  It always warms our heart.

Archer, you are one of kind, and I’m so proud of you.  I can’t believe you are three.  Like I said earlier, time flies when you are having fun!



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