Gone Fishing


In the thirteen years I have resided in this great state, I have never experienced a summer as nice as this year.  The weather was beautiful, reaching record breaking tempertures.  I can think of no better year than this to try my hand at commercial fishing.  My friend’s Chad and Amanda, as well as Chad’s family run a set netting operation north of Kenai.  I was invited to join their crew, a great group of guys and gals from all over the country.  It was a wonderful experience and despite a steep learning curve for myself and half the crew we came together quickly as a team and worked hard to set nets, pick the nets, toss the fish, and all kinds of other jobs.  I will never forget coming home after a long full day and washing the scales off my face, arms, and swollen hands and having to hold on to the edge of the sink, because I felt like I was still on the boat.  Commercial fishing with my friends reminded me for a breif time of living close to my family.  This is for many reasons, but primarily because of the comfortable atmosphere of it all.

To note-concerning the previous post.  Obviously, everyone who guessed commerial fishing was correct.  The other two images were not even me, they were my twin borther.  I do think it’s funny that he would spend time  to morph himself on Ralph Machio’s body in Karate Kid considering he looks just like Ralph Machio anyway.  Just a thought.DSC09362DSC09393DSC09353DSC09394DSC09355


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