When our eyes met, I just knew…

It was a bear!   We were only 10 feet away when our eyes met.  Thankfully this little cub heard Justice and I coming so Momma and the other cub were already up the spruce tree. The last cub who was not interested in us, in all seriousness he was running from us, just as he started his ascend up the tree is when I popped out of the woods onto the road and spotted him. A red flag should have gone off when I heard the sound of sticks breaking, but it only made me more curious, until our eyes met and we were only 10 feet away.  I backed away and informed Justice and we were out of there.  Justice and I were worm hunting from the night’s rain and so when we returned to camp to let James and Archer know that we saw a bear 4 spots down from our campsite, we all hopped in the car for a closer look.


Who would think to look for bears up a tree?

We camped in Hope, Alaska that weekend. We loved it! This place is one of our new favorites. Small little town with amazing scenery, great hiking and exciting wildlife.




The reason for the camping trip was to celebrate our 7 year wedding anniversary.  I can say with great joy, they have been the happiest years of my life.  However, if I should be so bold.  When I think back to the first time James and I met, when our eyes met, I just knew there was nothing.  That’s right, no interest what-so-ever.  Just for the record James felt the same.   No love at first sight, no fireworks, no dates lined up.  Basically we had a mutual friend and I was introduced to him and we all hung out a couple of times in my visit to Fairbanks.  In the visit he mentioned his interest in seeing bush Alaska and later down the road my job needed an art program.
So as everyone knows he came a couple of times my first year teaching, to teach for our program.  When he came I merely viewed him as a professional and since I was the only person he knew, I took it upon myself to make sure he enjoyed his visit.  So I showed him around the town, made sure he had food; so I cooked some meals, and we found that we shared some of the same hobbies.  Since I had keys to the high school gym, we would play late night basketball, which was just one of the many places I got to really know who James was.   Yes, very competitive!  What I loved about our relationship, when we first met, since we weren’t being set up or on a date and as I stated early thre was no interest in each other, we were just being real.   Real means not caring what he thinks of me, just being me and sharing things that probably could have deterred him from me.
So to shorten a long story, it was at the end my first teaching year, I was sent to Fairbanks for a training (I could have went somewhere else for the training, but I am pretty sure my boss was trying to set us up).  Since James lived in Fairbanks and I was visiting , he showed me around and we hung out  when training was over.  It was one of the first days, he planned a hike and at the top he asked me to be his girlfriend and I said YES!  I shed many tears of joy on that hike, he may have only asked me to be his girlfriend that day, but I knew that I wanted to marry him that day and everyday after that.  Two years of dating and my wish finally came true.  We were married!  What started as strangers, to co-workers, to friends, to my best friend and then my husband.  We are the perfect match!  I love how our story started and I love seeing how it unfolds each year we are together.   Happy Anniversary Baby!


The perfect ending to the perfect trip, a rainbow.

The perfect ending to the perfect trip, a rainbow.


One thought on “When our eyes met, I just knew…

  1. What a wonderful love story; we are so blessed (& privileged) to have you as our daughter & son-in-law, & thank you for blessing us with your 2 beautiful sons; just 2 of our 5 grandsons! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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