The story behind the …


How could such a thing ever happen, one may ask oneself?

Ask no more, the story is yet to come.

It all started one beautiful day with a long wrestling and then boxing match in the living room. “Okay boys, get your snow suits on, we are going on the hike to the river.” Dad announces.

“NO, I don’t want to.” demands Justice.

“Sorry we are going as a family. Get your coats on.” said Dad.

“No, I don’t want to.” even louder this time, Justice insists.

“I was not asking, son.” in his stern fatherly voice.

“Fine, I am going naked. I am too hot!” he exclaimed as the idea popped into his head.

“No you can’t!” said Dad

“Yes, I am going naked.” the fight continued.

Mom does not deal well with disrespect and not to mention no one has followed any directions to take the family hike. “Fine go naked! Take your clothes off, so we can go.”

“Okay” Justice happily followed the directions.

“Keep your socks on, son.” Dad coaches.

“Socks off, too!” Mom yells from the bedroom, as she quickly tries to find the camera. She comes out with the camera to an almost naked boy. Dad was helping him with adding boots to his lack of attire.

Then before Mom could make him take them off, he was out the front door. For the whole neighborhood to see. Since the boots did not allow for the fun freezing picture look on his face, he rather stood there admiring the neighborhood and long enough for the neighbors to report us with temps in the single digits. Not quite the execution Mom was hoping for. Moreover, since you could say he enjoyed the experience, we can only hope he will not want to do this again in the future.  Mom only hopes Dad learned the lesson on not being so soft.

At least we managed to get one picture, of his good side!


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